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Target Managers Insurance is a nationally recognized Insurance Wholesaler and Managing General Agent (MGA) offering property & casualty insurance underwriting expertise in Workers' Compensation, Transportation, Contractors, Environmental, Small Business, and Professional Liability. Our twenty-five years as a program administrator demonstrates our dedication to the success and growth of independent agents nationwide by providing competitive commissions, access to the best carriers and outstanding customer service.

We believe in partnership and long term success with our agents. There are absolutely no access fees or any volume commitments. The appointment process is very easy and allows the agent the flexibility to start writing business immediately with us. We develop markets based on their quality and effectiveness for our agents and offer exclusive products in certain industries such as Automotive Repair, Artisan Contractors, Environmental Transportation, and Professional Liability.

We continue to build strong relationships with our valued network of insurance carriers. The diversity of our business mix and growth strategies continually leads us into new developing markets and positions us for continued success.

2 Easy steps to get started

Step 1
Get appointed
In order to get a quote you must be an appointed agent with Target Managers Insurance. To be considered for an appointment you must have a valid insurance license, $1,000,000 E&O coverage, and a $10,000 bond (California brokers only). Once appointed, you will be assigned a unique Broker ID as well as login details to access the online Rapid Raterâ„¢ and applications.
Step 2
Submit Applications
Online/Manually Download appropriate product application or fill out online form and submit to

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